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Batting for bones

Did you know that you can only build your bone strength up to the age of around 30? No, me neither! Not something a 31 year old wants to learn.  But learn it I did last night at an event to launch the new partnership between the National Osteoporosis Society and Chance to Shine, The Cricket Foundations programme to regenerate competitive cricket in state schools.

Like many people my age, I had never really given Osteoporosis much thought. Fragile bones are an issue commonly associated with much older people. So it was a startling revelation to learn that you can only deposit into your ‘bone bank’ for a limited time. When you reach an age where Osteoporosis is more likely to be a concern, it’s too late to start thinking about your bone strength.

That is why this partnership between the NOS, who need to get their message to a younger audience, and CTS, who have exactly that audience, is such a brilliant marriage. The children in the CTS programme are already involved in sport, and are therefore in the perfect place to have the importance of exercise and proper nutrition from an early age passed on to them.

It is hard enough to get children to think about what might happen a week, month, or year ahead, let alone 40 years down the line. But hopefully with this new partnership, the important lessons of ‘building stronger bones’ will be delivered by CTS coaches and ambassadors (including many professional and ex-professional cricketers), and will get through to a previously hard-to-reach audience. It makes sense in theory. For the sake of our future generations, let’s hope the message gets through.

NOS: http://www.nos.org.uk 

CTS: http://www.chancetoshine.org