“Fibber in the Heat’

At some point in their lives, most cricket fans dream of a job that involves watching a lot of cricket. But few take the fantasy as far as Miles Jupp, who lied his way onto an England tour of India, and found himself living the dream, and often nightmare, of life as a spurious cricket journalist abroad.

In his one man show ‘Fibber in the Heat’, Jupp tells the story of how this most peculiar situation came about, his adventures along the way, and it’s reassuringly poignant conclusion.

No doubt embellished at times, his story is entertaining throughout. Jupp manages the all-important connection with the audience so essential to a stand up comic. His skill lies in superbly combining tales of adventures foreign to most of his audience with a self -deprecation that allows them to identify with his narrative. From drinks with Botham and Nasser, to opening his Delhi belly account with a fart so substantial that you could lean against it, his use of language, both verbal and physical, is both heart warming and hilarious.

I don’t doubt that every cricket fan in that room spent the interval secretly plotting their way onto the next England tour, but left the theatre secure in the knowledge that they are better off on the layman’s side of the press box door.

Jupp is currently on tour. For dates and tickets:



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